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5 Easy Tips on How to Save Money at Your Reception

Are you planning your wedding on a tight budget? Here are a few suggestions on how to save money at your reception.

1. Consider having your wedding during the "off-season" months. This is typically January, February and March.

2. Have your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon. A lot of venues offer discounted rates (for the room rental and dinner prices) They also require a lower guest minimum.

3. Have your wedding at your favorite restaurant. With this option you won't have to pay for chair covers, linens, decor, etc.

4. Have your ceremony and reception at one location. This will definitely save you money. (a.) you just have to pay one deposit (site fee) for use of the venue. (b.) decor, such as centerpieces, pillars, up-lighting, and travel fees for your vendors will be the minimum.

5. Look at venues in the suburbs. There are so many beautiful places to have a wedding outside the city limits. Having a wedding downtown, means paying downtown prices. And believe me, they can add up.

If you need assistance in planning your upcoming event, don't hesitate to give us a call!

T: 855| 709-3334

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